Werner Nachtigall is a famous minister, preacher, evangelist from Germany. He considers the encouragement of all believers to actively preach the Gospel as one of the tasks of his ministry. He is the main initiator and inspirer of the Global Outreach Day. On this day, every Christian should share the salvation message about Jesus Christ with at least one person.

Werner Nachtigall has already visited more than 75 countries of the world and held hundreds of crusades, as well as large events to unite believers in prayer and in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Tens of thousands of people came to Christ through the evangelistic ministry of Werner Nachtigall. Special anointing to preach the Gospel, a manifestation of God's Glory, miracles of healing and movement in the gift of prophecy - all this accompanies his numerous sermons.

Glory filled Europe conference sermon was just like this. The evangelist immediately informed the guests of the conference: “Right after the sermon, we will go out into the streets to preach! Perhaps, the life of someone you meet is so complicated that he does not want to live. If you tell him about Christ the person will be saved!”

The phrase "Today, God wants to act through you!" was repeated several times by Werner Nachtigall. He gave examples of how miraculously God acted during evangelism. He highlighted: “This is my story. And today yours will begin!”

The evangelist gave some advice on how to talk properly to people when you preach to them.

  1. Be friendly.
  2. Ask people questions to learn something about them - this is where you attract their attention.
  3. Provoke interest! There is power in curiosity! Make people want to listen to you!
  4. There is power in your personal testimony. You have something to tell a person! You can tell the same story to the student and grandmother in a different way. Homework: Write down your personal testimony: the person you were before you repented, how you came to Jesus, and how you live now.
  5. Talk to people the way they can understand you – do not use your church slang!

What is the main point of the gospel? What, in fact, should we talk about?

  • God loves all people! God created you and me not for religion. You and I are created to have a relationship with God, to know Him.
  • God is holy, and we are separated from Him because of sin. Religion teaches people: “You have to do this, you have to do that ...” But two thousand years ago, Jesus already said: “It is finished!”
  • God is alive! His tomb is empty! And this is the greatest message on earth. The task of Christians is to get people out of sin, out of hell.

And what should a person do next when he believed in Jesus Christ?

  1. Pray to God every day.
  2. Read the Bible daily.
  3. Go to church.

“Go and share your faith in Jesus Christ with at least one person!” Werner Nachtigall called and prayed that the believers would boldly tell people about Jesus.