The topic about the importance of an encounter with the Holy Spirit and the deep personal experience of God's touch was the main message shared by Andres Bisonni, a world-famous evangelist and missionary with the participants of the Glory filled Europe conference.

Andres Bisonni was born in Argentina. And although this is the first visit of the minister to Ukraine, he says, that he feels his family ties with Ukrainian people, because his grandmother was born here in Ukraine. Later, after emigrating to Argentina, his grandmother got married, her husband and she repented and made a decision to follow Jesus. Thanks to this wise decision the Gospel came to the family: their six children and all grandchildren also devoted their lives to the Lord. "When you decide to follow Jesus, it affects not only your own life," the minister continued, "God will show His glory through your children, grandchildren, and all your future generations."

There is no better experience on earth than having a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. When you have a personal experience with the Spirit of God, your eyes are open to see Jesus. Holy Spirit alone can reveal Jesus as He truly is. And when The Holy Spirit reveals you Jesus, you fall in love with Him immensely, you crave to follow Jesus and change, being transformed into His image. There is no personality more beautiful than Jesus Christ throughout the world. Understanding of this doesn’t come from reading books and not because your father is a Christian. You need to have a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit. And this encounter is available to each of us.

"When I was young, God seemed to me very far," Andres Bisonni shared his testimony. - "I saw the miracles of healing that the Lord performed through other ministers, and I really wanted to experience God personally in my life. I was praying for many days, but nothing happened to me. And when this encounter finally happened when I saw Him, I was impressed by the depth of His love, goodness, and kindness to me. " Why are some people experiencing an encounter with God, while others are not?

The first thing that determines whether you will have an encounter with God is how do we react to pain, suffering, and loss in our lives. Many people turn away and go from God, but some continue to follow Him diligently.

The second is your reaction when the Holy Spirit will reveal your sin to you. Will you be angry or humble yourself, confessing your sin? Many people do not want to change. But if you choose to repent, the Faithful and just God will forgive your sin and will cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Instead of defeat, you feel the unusual love of God, which will take away the feeling of guilt and shame of the past. The Holy Spirit will testify to your spirit that you are a son or daughter of God. You will not be condemned, but you will be saved and will be healed. God's fire will cleanse and change you from the inside. Why do you, instead of being convicted, feel accepted? When you are experiencing an encounter with the Holy Spirit, He reveals you the truth about the cross: Jesus became sin for you, suffered your sickness and infirmity, so that you could have peace, healing, and liberation. Through Jesus Christ, you can freely accept the gift of His love.

Throughout the ministry and, especially, during the final prayer, the Holy Spirit confirmed the words of the preacher, opening the hearts of the listeners. Many of those present experienced a wonderful, indescribable feeling of an encounter with God. Later, people testified of the numerous healings and the touch of God's love.

There are two more days of the conference ahead. We look forward to new encounters with the Holy Spirit, new revelations and even greater proximity!