May 23, Kyiv. Guests from different cities of Ukraine and from abroad arrive to the Victory Christian Church Glory filled Europe conference in the capital’s Palace of Sports . For the twenty-fifth time the church hospitably welcomes everyone who wants to experience God being in spiritual unity, because from the very first year of existence the church organizes such conferences annually, so now the church celebrates its anniversary!

Twenty-five years ago, little-known at that time pastor Henry Madava, with several dozens of believers, laid the foundation of the Victory Christian church and there are about 150 of them in different countries of the world today. The name of Henry Madava goes among such names like Richard Roberts, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Heidi Becker, Doug Mills. All continents were hearing the word of God from the mouth of this minister. In London and Karachi, Paris and Mumbai, Stuttgart and Bangkok, Sacramento and Banskaya Bystritsa - in the dozens of cities he’s known. People there are grateful to God for receiving the healing through him and are awaiting for the revelation of God through him. And today he is here, in a city that more than three decades ago became his native one.

Like every year, the pastor opens the regular celebration of God's presence with a prayer for Ukraine and its authorities. The current conference is a kind of a marathon: for four days there will be ten ministries, five speakers from different countries. On the first day, the host, the senior pastor of the Victory Church, Henry Madava, is preaching. His message is called “A life journey with God.”

As soon as we accepted Jesus into our lives, our journey with the Lord started. For some, it was going incrementally, for others it was going up and down without having a decent start even at the end of life. Whose life journey can be considered as successful one? As Apostle Paul wrote in a letter to Timothy: “I have fought a good fight, I have completed the course, I have kept the faith”.

Similarly to that, each of us, the child of God, should have his own life feat, which we will answer for at the end of our earthly journey. Fulfilling your calling in life being always with God on this way should become a motto for everyone. Even when the atmosphere around you is not favorable, do not allow your soul to be dependent on others, find the heavenly scissors and cut off all the ropes that hold you. Live in such a way that the Lord would joyfully put his crown of Glory onto your head.

How did the apostle Paul succeed in his life? After all, at the beginning it was far from being sinless! But everything changed dramatically after the touch of God. Each of us is dreaming of getting such a touch from Heaven in life! Through Jesus, the power of heaven touches us, God's fire leads us to the throne of God and everyone's life changes! The touch of God is a kind of deposit of God's Power, which remains in you and is transferred to others through you.

What do I live for? Why did I come to this world? When the apostle Paul analyzes his life, he admits that in the beginning he was unworthy because of persecuting the Church of God. But the grace of God changed him. “I worked harder than all of them, not I, however, but the grace of God, which is with me.” So, to each of us, this example says that all the minuses of your life can be overcome by the grace of God. The impossible will be possible. It is not by logic that everything is solved, but by faith. Trust God! Walk on the path of life, believing that the grace of God is going nearby!

In order to become complete in Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, as he confesses in a letter to the Colossians, worked desperately, but, by the way, not himself, but with God's power, which had a powerful effect on him. So, we are not independently going through the confrontations in this life, but with the help of God's power. It seeks to manifest through you in the place where you are. It does not exclude sufferings on your way, but they will not destroy you, you will stand and be strengthened, just don’t give up! Remember (Isaiah): “Do not be afraid, for I am with you! Do not be confused, for I am your God! I will strengthen you and help you! ” You just need to step forward!

The inspiring preaching of Pastor Henry Madava turned into a prayer: - The Holy Spirit - here we are! We need you! Give us the atmosphere of Heaven! Pour your rain of God's Glory!

And God's Glory covered the whole hall, the Holy Spirit poured into every open heart, those present felt refreshed and did not want to go home. But the first day of the conference came to an end. And there are still three more days ahead with new meetings, new revelations, new pouring of God's Glory! The holiday is running on!