Dr. Rob Thomson has served as pastor in the same church for 37 years, and during this time he observes that very often people do the opposite: they love God and trust people.

If you fall for this delusion, then here is a wise advice from Dr. Rob Thomson.

  • The life of each of us is determined by the people surrounding us. Therefore, carefully choose your environment! You should understand: it pulls you up or pulls you down. Who are you going with? If you do not get better being with these people, why do you need such a surrounding?
  • One of the biggest problems is that most people cannot enter their calling, because they want to take a person with them whom God does not want them to take.
  • Ask yourself a question: “Where do I see myself? Now, in five years, in ten ... "If you do not plan, then you plan your defeat!
  • If you have planned everything, then you know exactly where you are going in the train of life and how you will get where you are going.
  • We love God and trust people. This is fundamentally wrong! You need to trust - God, and love - people.
  • Promised - do it! Keep your words!
  • 90% of the time we spend with people who need us, and 10% with those we need. And you need the opposite! If we are surrounded by those who do not feed us, like a gardener - a plant, we die.
  • The law of the first: I water first, then they water me. First - me, then –for me!

You need to listen to this sermon more than once in order to comprehend its depth!

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At the end of the sermon, Dr. Rob Thomson prayed that God would show every person how to fulfill the vision He put in his heart.