Dr. Rob Thomson is the founder and president of FamilyHarvestInternational, an international family Christian community, also he is the founder and pastor of the FamilyHarvestChurch Church in TinleyPark, Illinois, with more than 4,000 members. He is the author of many books, a speaker, a television preacher and a businessman.

At the beginning of the business seminar, Dr. Thomson reminded everyone that people usually make mistakes when something fades from memory. That’s why while going through crisis periods in business it is always useful to go over the basics, meaning through the things discussed in the seminar.

The speaker emphasized that a businessperson is a leader by default. “God called you from the beginning of the world to do what you do - and help to spread the Kingdom of God throughout Ukraine by this”. This is how Dr. Rob Thomson described the calling of all those doing business, also he prayed for the participants so that God would guide and direct them in business, give new ideas and new ways to earn money for the Kingdom of God so that everything they do would flourish.

It’s worth noting: if you have not attended the seminar, but really want to know all the six keys to success when you’re going through a crisis, just buy a record. But of course, we will share some of the revelations!

  • Success always comes to us as a result of being humble. Even when you are the most authoritative, you need to stay humble.
  • Businessman’s task is to understand the needs of people and to meet those needs.
  • God doesn't care how much money you have. But the key question is whether the money has control over you.
  • Are you a problem solver or a problem maker?
  • Use your gifts to solve problems.
  • Do not expect people to be glad for your blessings! People usually tend to think that God has sent the right blessings to the wrong person.
  • You need to live such a life so that any person who meets you becomes better after this meeting.
  • During the crisis you need plans, not ideas!
  • Look at the situation as a whole, do not concentrate on problems - this is how the plan will appear (steps which will help you to solve the problem).

And then Dr. Rob Thomson shared the most valuable thing - he told about the keys to success.

What are the keys he was talking about? Of course, we’d like to know! This is super important and will help to turn any crisis into opportunity and to be successful in any sphere of your life! Hurry up to get the recording of the business seminar and apply those advices practically!

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