Pastor Tommy Barnett

Tommy Barnett is the Founder and Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America – DREAM CITY (Formerly Phoenix First Assembly of God, in Phoenix, Arizona). The church is known as The Church with a Heart, because of its 260 outreach ministries. DREAM CITY is visited by more than 17 000 people weekly. Pastor Tommy raised a new generation of leaders in the church.

Tommy Barnett is one of the most important, most respected pastors in the United States, who inspires other pastors to grow in the Full Gospel movement.

Tommy Barnett's ministry has influenced many leaders including high-profile ministers and pastors such Joyce Meyer, T. D. Jakes, Ed Young Jr., Wellington Boone, and Charles Nieman, who call him their pastor. Founded by pastor Tommy in 1994, DREAM CENTER in Los Angeles is rescuing and rehabilitating people from addictions, homelessness, and abuse, including victims of human trafficking.

Pastor Tommy Barnett wrote about 20 books. He also leads a pastoral school, which is attended annually by about 7,000 pastors, leaders and ministers.