Doctor Richard Moore

The heartbeat of Doctor Richard Moore founder and President of Voice of Revival Ministries is to take revival to the Church and mobilize the Church to reap the end-time harvest.

At 21 Richard entered into the ministry where he immediately began to take the uncompromising message of the Gospel across America and into the Nations of the World.

In the summer of 1988 Richard Married his wife Ronda and together along with their daughter Sarah sue have taken Revival to nearly every state in America and 44 nations of the world 63 times. Richards’s meetings are accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles and are reminiscent of revivals past, where for the last 30 years Richard’s meetings have lasted up to 7 weeks with 2 meetings a day.

From 1990 till present Richard has conducted over 5000 revival meetings traveling an average of 300 days a year up to 500 meetings a year.