Doctor Richard Moore

President of Voice of Revival Ministries Dr. Richard Moore is called by God to spread the spiritual revival in churches and to bring the message about Jesus Christ into every nation, every city and into every heart.

In 1990 the Lord spoke to Richard Moore to bring spiritual renewal, God's fire and filling up with the Holy Spirit all over the world. Today the Lord moves through the ministry of Dr. Moore in a mighty way when the fire of the Holy Spirit descends upon people and they are becoming revived and charged with the new power of God. Dr. Richard Moore with his wife Ronda ministered together with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne and his wife Adonica and adopted their experience in the area of evangelism. God acts through his obedient heart and performs miracles and wonders at his meetings. Services with Dr. Moore remind those renowned revival meetings where the glory of God comes and people are becoming filled with His presence, as a result many of them receive salvation, freedom and inspiration from the Lord.