Dr. Bob Rodgers

Dr. Bob Rodgers is the senior Pastor of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY with a membership of over 9,000 believers. He is also president of Word Broadcasting Network in Louisville, KY. Bob and his wife, Margaret, co-host a Christian program called Word Alive. Word Broadcasting Network owns and operates 12 radio stations, AM, FM, short wave, and Channel 21 in Louisville.

Word Broadcasting operates WBNA TV in Louisville, Kentucky and twelve radio stations, including stations in Louisville, Jacksonville, Florida, Bethlehem, Israel, and Monrovia, Liberia.

He is a graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, and Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Reverend Rodgers' ministry has touched lives around the world. He received a Doctorate in Ministries from ORU in May 2002. He has ministered in 40 nations around the world including: South Korea, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Africa. Pastor Rodgers also speaks in many churches and conferences throughout the Unites States.

Dr. Rodgers is founder of America Fasting for Revival and President of Church Growth International of the Americas. Although he is known for his excellent seminars on prayer and fasting, many have been led into the baptism of the Holy Spirit through his teaching ministry. He is the author of several books including, The 21 Day Fast.

He is the author of several very popular books including, The 21 Day Fast and The One Hundred Fold Blessing.  His latest book is Forbid Not to Speak in Tongues.

In 2005, Dr. Yonggi Cho asked Bob Rodgers to head the exploratory committee for establishing Church Growth International of America. In October 2006, CGI America had its first conference of churches in the Americas, hosted by Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville.